We make it very easy and convenient for our clients to purchase a puppy from us. The process is really easy and we do same day shipping.

  • Select the Puppy you want and add to your shopping cart
  • Open shopping cart and click check out
  • Fill in all your delivery information (Billing Address) and select your payment option.
  • Once we receive your order we would immediately text you with the payment information of your preferred payment option so you can make the payment and we proceed with delivery.
  • Once payment is received we would do the transfer of ownership document and send you the adoption form to fill and sign. You’ll also have to send a copy of it back to us.
  • Once we received the signed transfer of ownership document and adoption form we would proceed with shipping and get back to you with the full flight details and tracking# and your puppy will be on its way.
  • Once you get your puppy please do make sure to email us your review about what you think about us.